Both the Mazda3 and Mazda CX-3 Offer Standout Compact Drives in Houston

July 6th, 2017 by


Here at Team Gillman Mazda, drivers have certainly noticed that we have two different vehicles that seem to share a lot in common. We’re talking about the Mazda3 and the Mazda CX-3. While they are classified as crossovers and a hatchback respectively, you’d be right to say that they each have features that are similar, but you can’t go wrong with either. That’s why today, we’re highlighting what they have in common, and how they differ.

Outside of the body style classification, the Mazda3 five-door differs from the Mazda CX-3 when it comes to having a higher hip point, meaning the back of the vehicle being slightly raised. However, with ground clearance, the numbers are similar. The same goes for passenger volume. Both the Mazda3 five-door and Mazda CX-3 boast similar numbers, but they’re arranged in a different way. That’s something you’ll notice when you get in the cabin of both. It’s about feel: the Mazda3 feels like it’s a hatchback or sedan, while the Mazda CX-3 feels like a crossover from how you sit and interact with the vehicle.

The Mazda CX-3 is designed for those who want the crossover style in a small package, or city setting. The Mazda3 accomplishes much of the same, but also has a longer wheelbase and overall length. Still, each one is able to offer you room and versatility when you need it.

Like we said, you can’t go wrong with either choice, and it comes down to a matter of preference. You’ll know which one is right for you when you get behind the wheel of each here in our Houston area Mazda dealership. If you’d like to learn more feel free to contact us today and we’d be happy to answer any questions and set up a test drive.

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