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How It Works

The CarbonTek USA service is suitable for any gas or diesel engine. A CarbonTek services helps remove harmful carbon build-up from within the engine. We service all types of engines from passenger cars, SUVs, pickup trucks, commercial trucks, vans, buses, marine vessels, construction, agricultural equipment and power generators.

The CarbonTek USA system uses electrolysis to create Oxy-hydrogen gas which is fed into the engine via the air intake while the engine is at idle. The CarbonTek Oxy-hydrogen gas reacts with the carbon deposit. This reaction causes carbon to chemical transform into the gaseous state of hydrocarbon (HC), which is then emitted out through the exhaust system.

The CarbonTek service is simple and safe and requires no dismantling of the engine. No harmful chemical products are used, we are 100% Green . We recommended using the CarbonTek USA service as part of your vehicle's regular maintenance schedule.

CarbonTek connects to the engine's air intake
Hydrogen enriched gas enters the engine's cylinders
CarbonTek Oxyhydrogen gas reacts with carbon deposit
All is then omitted thru the exhaust as a gas

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