Checking Engine Oil is a Task Anyone Can Perform

September 30th, 2016 by

Here in Houston, TX, we know there are lots of people who like to be DIY types when it comes to some simple auto maintenance and checks. One common thing people can do on their own is check the oil levels for the engine, and if you’ve always wanted to know how to do it, follow these steps and you can!

  • Lift up the hood and look for the dipstick, it’s usually a different color and easy to spot
  • Take out the dipstick, and wipe it down with a towel, removing any oil on it
  • Insert the dipstick back in the oil chamber, then take it out again
  • Look at the tip of the dipstick and the two measurements, which are lines or small holes usually
  • If the oil is close to the higher hole or line, that means you’ve got fresh, full oil
  • If it’s at the bottom hole, that means you should replace the oil
  • If you need just a bit of oil, you can top it off yourself, but follow your vehicle’s owner’s manual
  • For low oil, make sure you come in to our service center and we can perform an oil change for you and make sure everything is functioning properly

To learn more, feel free to stop in and see us at Team Gillman Mazda, where our team would be happy to provide you with more details, via our service center.

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